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POPIA is not another tax.

I’ve heard quite a few people moan and groan about POPIA and even liken it to just another form of tax on an already overburdened citizenry.  We at Gwirio have a very different perspective on this. We believe that privacy is non-negotiable. It is a basic human right and written into our constitution and POPIA is driving this protection into our market.

If you doubt the value of privacy, just consider a situation where you loose access to all your accounts. Every company that you interact with asking you to prove your identity. The time, effort and stress of going through a process of recovering your identity. Your privacy is incredibly important and must be protected.

Gwirio drives the promotion of privacy by helping companies to take accountability and to comply with POPIA. We help with a compliance framework and then drive Data Subject participation with registering of consent and handling queries. The process is easy, managed and tracked with a compliance report and score to show progress.

We view a commitment to privacy as a basic condition of service and help our customers to prove it.