Compliance Journey

2 . Compliance Framework


Part of every Information Officers’ duties includes the management and review of a compliance framework. A framework helps guide you on your compliance journey and provide structure and reporting points. For ease, we have broken our framework  into 5 blocks for review with a related score over 7 metrics.

Accountability & Awareness

Policies, Procedures & Agreements
Data and Risk Management
IT Security
Physical Security
  • Management commitment
  • Privacy awareness
  • Information Officer
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Privacy policy
  • Mobile device use
  • Breach handling
  • Data Processing agreements
    • Processing activities
    • Data models
    • Consent management
    • Data Subject participation
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data partners
    • Data processing & archiving
    • Data removal
    • Collection and handling
    • Locks and keys
    • Access control
    • Archiving
    • Paper destruction

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