What is this?

You received this request from a company (a.k.a. Responsible Party) via Gwirio. This request is for you to review your personal information on record with the company.  Gwirio assists Responsible Parties with compliance services. None of your personal information is shared with other parties or stored by Gwirio.

Why did I get this message?

The company (a.k.a. Responsible Party under POPI) must communicate the personal information they hold, with you. This message allows you to know what information they hold and to query the use of your information.

We also allow removal requests and information update services for registered users on our privacy portal. To use the portal, please register here.

Do I need to register on the Gwirio portal

No. The basic service is available even if you do not register as a user on the Gwirio portal.

We do provide additional benefits to registered users. These include:

  • Access to your own dashboard with a single view of notifications, communication and information use.
  • Easy updating of your personal information in the market
  • Managing your “opt-in” marketing list
  • Managing your dependents information in the market.