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What Gwirio can do for you.

  • We help you to know who has your data, what data they hold, why and for how long they will keep it.
  • We let you query and request a hold on processing of your information.
  • We provide an easy information update channel.
  • We protect you and your family from possible identity theft.

You have rights!

You do have a right to privacy and to be protected from fraud or abuse. Gwirio wants to drive this through the market and improve our information security.

Your personal information is collected by numerous companies (a.k.a. Responsible Parties), and it is almost impossible to manage access to your information. Gwirio can assist you in managing this near impossible task through our portal.

With our platform you can manage and monitor queries and complaints and ensure that companies respond, in time.  Should you not be satisfied with the response, we will assist you to escalate the communication to the Information Regulator.

Many of us have dependents that also need protection. Gwirio enables you to manage the data of your dependents. Protect your family’s information the way you protect your own!

How can I benefit?

  • Register on the portal – it is free for individuals. Companies (a.k.a Responsible Parties)  pay to become compliant.
  • Ask every company, school, doctor, loyalty program and anyone that collects your information, to please use Gwirio so that you can manage your information.
  • We will send you notifications on your information use.

What can the Gwirio Portal do for you?

Communication channel

Provides you with knowledge on who has your information, what information they have and why. Enabling you to query the Responsible Party and receive feedback.

Control channel

Enables you to decide how long and what data may be kept by a Responsible Party

Notification channel

You will receive notification of checks on and usage of your data by unauthorised users.

Place a hold on processing

Send stop requests to a Responsible Party using your data and send responsive clarification requests.

Information update channel

Our system assists you in updating your information with one notification to all parties with authorised access to your data.

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