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Responsible Parties

Under the POPI Act, all organisations, no matter the size, are considered Responsible Parties and must comply with the law. The elements of compliance will be different for each company. Most importantly, all companies must commit to a privacy compliance process.  Gwirio will be here to assist you with your compliance journey.

Gwirio provides a wide range of services to implement a system of basic compliance and risk management for Responsible Parties. Our services include:

  • Continuous compliance through:
    • Managed communication with your customers (Data Subjects)
    • Verification and certification of consent
    • A basic framework for compliance to examine the needs and resistance of the organisation
    • A compliance report which identifies data and related consent, actions and progress on the framework for compliance
  • Risk management:
    • Data validation services
    • Transaction verification services
    • Onboarding services with customer validation

Continuous Compliance

Compliance is an ongoing process and not just a once off implementation of policies and procedures. It is creating a compliance culture within your organisation, it is setting up and following a process leading to the protection of customers. And it requires continuous evaluation and monitoring.

Gwirio will provide you with a framework that covers the basic steps required under the act, that your information Officer can review.  This includes a number of management and information review points for you to consider.

We also added consent management and administration of communications services to our compliance offering.

  • What is consent management? It is the verification and certification of your company’s right to store and process personal information.  It allows for reporting on personal records and additional service relating to the risk and protection of your company and your customers.
  • Communication services is managed to ensure Data Subject participation as one of the 8 conditions of legal processing.
  • Notifications are automatically generated and tracked to drive actions and responses related to Personal Information and to drive compliance.

With our platform you have access to a dashboard and reports that will assist you to monitor your progress on your journey to compliance.


Risk Management

Gwirio will assist your business (Responsible Party) in protecting and managing your risk in this digital age.  Safeguard your revenue and your customers from fraud and abuse of personal information through our services.

    • Data validation to address and improve the integrity of data sets
    • Transaction verification – based on the proximity of your customers to the transaction point – aimed at avoiding potential fraudulent transactions
    • Customer validation in the onboarding process that will be aimed at reducing potential identity fraud

Our aim is to reduce the risk to you and your customers by sending a strong message to the market of your commitment to privacy and the protection of your customers.

Cost of services

For as little as R350 per company per month, you will have access to::

  • The compliance framework
  • Consent certification for 1000 unique records
  • A compliance dashboard with notifications
  • Reporting on compliance actions, certifications and reviews 

How to access the service?

How to access our bespoke service?

  1. Register a user on
  2. Log in and proceed to the Responsible Party portal.
  3. Verify your information and complete your profile with additional information for validation.
  4. Add a company too start your compliance journey.

 Please note, as a registered User, you can:

  • add multiple companies;
  • invite additional users to assist in the compliance process
  • and set diferent roles associated to the compliance process

Gwirio will review the company information and provide notification to the user upon registration.

What can you do on our Business Portal?

Communication channel

Inform your customers as what information you hold, why and for how long. We will track their responses, queries and complaints.

Notification channel

The system will notify you with actions on data records. This will inclue updates, removal requests and general queries. 

Data integrity

Gwirio helps to address data integrity by communicating the data with Data Subjects and allowing queries and updates.

Our system also unlocks managed access to comparative data sets to verify data.

Compliance Reports

The Gwirio system produces real-time reports based upon your data records and Data Subject actions. This includes approvals, removal and update requests.

For more information and a sample report, please send us a message.

What makes Gwirio different?

We base our service and your compliance off the actual data and communication with Data Subjects. Our results are measured, real-time and proves compliance actions.


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We provide Responsible Parties with compliance services based upon the actual data in their data store. Our system provides compliance reports, notifications and alarms for actions to be taken regarding compliance. Register today to begin the process of compliance.