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In Welsh “Gwirio” means affirm, attest, or avouch.  That is Gwirio.  We are built on integrity and worth.  At Gwirio we place a high value on privacy and the protection of personal information.  We have created a software platform that safeguards personal information and empowers businesses to do the same.  We can protect everyone’s rights through consent and compliance.

Gwirio is a level 2 BEE company that specialises in providing a user-friendly platform to protect the privacy and integrity of all South Africans. Our aim is to safeguard privacy, improve current services and eliminate fraud

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Gwirio - Data Privacy and Compliance

Data Privacy and Compliance

Durbanville, Western Cape

Integrity for all

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We provide companies and individuals  with compliance services. Our system caters for  a privacy framework, compliance reports and notifications to ensure compliance.