We protect privacy

We help companies to comply with privacy legislation
and empower people to manage their personal information

Services for Companies

We provide continuous compliance and fraud prevention services

We provide Data Owners / Responsible Parties with compliance services based upon the actual data they hold

Our system provides compliance reports, notifications and alarms for actions to be taken regarding compliance

Benefits for Individuals

We help you to know who has your data, what data they have, why and for how long they will keep it

We empower you with a channel to question, stop data processing and lodge formal complaints that can be escalated to the Information Regulator


We help manage your information – you control consent

 How we help Companies

Continuous compliance based on the data you hold

Our compliance services are based on the core principles of privacy legislation, which includes accountability, verifying processing rights, improving information quality and driving openness through managed communication. For more information regarding the portal and services, please click below.

 How we help Individuals

Be informed, be empowered, be protected

Have you ever wondered who has your data, why they have it, and for how long they will keep it? Gwirio answers these questions and help you manage the access to your information.  Our portal allows you to update and remove your personal information on request. 

Register for Compliance & Privacy Services

We provide companies and individuals  with compliance services. Our system caters for  compliance reports and notifications to ensure compliance.